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Home - Website of meqadama! • Be sure that the magnetron gasket is properly installed around the dome of the tube whenever installing the magnetron. Touch this pad to erase an incorrect command, cancel a program during cooking, or to clear the Display. • The service personnel should inform the manufacture importer, or assembler of any certified oven unit found to have a microwave emission level in excess of 5 m W/cm 2 and should repair any unit found to have excessive emission levels at no cost to the owner and should ascertain the cause of the excessive leakage. Back To Kenmore Microwave Model 721.80833500 or 72180833500 Kenmore Elite Microwave Hood Combination Manual Kenmore. The installation of a vent hood.

Kenmore Microwave Ovens eBay MODEL 721.62642/721.80592 721.62649/721.80599 721.62644/721.80594 721.62643/721.80593 DIVISION 22 BASIC FIELD MANUAL FOR MICROWAVE OVEN MODEL 721.62642400/721.80592401 / 721 .80592402 721 .62649400 / 721 .80599401 / 721 .80599402 721 .62644400 / 721 .80594401 / 721 .80594402 721 .62643400 / 721 .80593401 / 721 .80593402 March, 2005 CAUTION SAFETY PRECAUTIONS PRECAUTIONS TO BE OBSERVED BEFORE AND DURING SERVICING TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY a. (c) The waveguide and the oven cavity are intact, (no microwave energy leakage) (d) The door can be properly closed and the safety switches work properly. You are viewing a very nice Kenmore QuickTouch Microwave Oven Model No. 721.69200890 with the orinal Manual.

Kenmore HORNO DE MICROONDAS 721.61283 user manual -. • Untrained personnel should not attempt service without a thorough review of the test procedures and safety information contained in this manual. Failure to adhere to or observe the information in this Manual may result in exposing yourself to the Microwave Energy normally contained within the oven cavity. TROUBLE SHOOTING 7-21 EXPLODED VIEW 8-1 PART REFERENCE LIST 9-1 SPECIFICATIONS Rated Power Consumption 1500W maximum (Microwave oven Cooktop lamps Ventilation fan) Microwave Output 1 000W (IEC60705) Adjustable 100W through 1000W, 10 steps Frequency 2450 MHz ± 50 MHz Power Supply 1 20 VAC, 60 Hz Rated Current 14 Amp. • If the oven operates with the door open, the service personnel should: - Tell the user not to operate the oven. Downloading to your computer - You can also download the user manual Kenmore HORNO DE MICROONDAS 721.61283. Remove your Kenmore microwave oven and all.

Installation manual kenmore dishwasher 970 download Do not operate or allow the oven to be operated with the door open. Make the following safety checks on all ovens to be serviced before activating the magnetron or other microwave source, and make repairs as necessary; (1) Interlock operation, (2) proper door closing, (3) seal and sealing surfaces (arcing, wear, and other damage), (4) damage to or loosening of hinges and latches, (5) evidence of dropping or . Before turning on microwave power for any service test or inspection within the microwave generating compartments, check the magnetron, wave guide or transmission line, and cavity for proper alnment, integrity, and connections. Any defective or misadjusted components in the interlock, monitor, door seal, and microwave generation and transmission systems shall be repaired, replaced, or adjusted by procedures described in this manual before the oven is released to the owner. A Microwave leakage check to verify compliance with the Federal performance standard should be performed on each oven prior to release to the owner. (e) The unit must stop when the door is opened or the time is up. Installation manual kenmore dishwasher 970 10 results for kenmore 970 44293 kenmore kenmore 970 44293 user manual. kenmore model reference kenmore is a.

Kenmore Manual & Troubleshooting Guide Never operate the magnetron unless it is properly installed. 7-1 MICROWAVE LEAKAGE TEST CAUTIONS • Be sure to check microwave leakage prior to servicing the oven if the oven is operative prior to servicing. View all Kenmore Microwave & Oven products. Recent Manual & Documentations. Kenmore Model 758.154080 User's Manual

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