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Vim documentation Vim Tips Fandom powered Ever wanted to learn Vim, but weren't sure how to start? Note that this is an article explicitly for beginners new to Vim. Building or downloading Vim Building Vim overview, with links for more. simple Vim reference good for beginners ยท Keyboard cheat sheet and tutorial excellent. A Byte of Vim by Swaroop C H CC-licensed ebook, book, HTML, PDF, 2008.

<em>VIM</em> QUICK <em>REFERENCE</em> CARD Basic movement h l k j

VIM QUICK REFERENCE CARD Basic movement h l k j This is an HTML version of the Vim help pages, current as of Vim 8.0.0495. Search for help: Type ":help word", then hit CTRL-D to see matching help entries for "word". usr_Table Of Contents usr_01About the manuals usr_02The first steps in Vim usr_03Moving around usr_04Making small changes usr_05Set your settings usr_06Using syntax hhting usr_07Editing more than one file usr_08Splitting windows usr_09Using the GUI usr_10Making b changes usr_11Recovering from a crash usr_12Clever tricks usr_20Typing command-line commands quickly usr_21Go away and come back usr_22Finding the file to edit usr_23Editing other files usr_24Inserting quickly usr_25Editing formatted text usr_26Repeating usr_27Search commands and patterns usr_28Folding usr_29Moving through programs usr_30Editing programs usr_31Exploiting the GUI usr_32The undo tree general introduction to Vim; notation used in help files overview and quick reference (this file) about using the help files alphabetical index of all commands help-tags all the tags you can jump to (index of tags) how to do the most common editing tasks various tips on using Vim (error) messages and explanations remarks from users of Vim known problems and desired extensions development of Vim debugging Vim itself Vim distribution conditions and what to do with your money starting Vim, Vim command arguments, initialisation editing and writing files commands for moving around scrolling the text in the window Insert and Replace mode deleting and replacing text automatic indenting for C and other languages Undo and Redo repeating commands, Vim scripts and debugging using the Visual mode (selecting a text area) various remaining commands recovering from a crash Command-line editing description of all options regexp patterns and search commands key mapping and abbreviations tags and special searches commands for a quick edit-compile-fix cycle commands for using multiple windows and buffers commands for using multiple tab pages syntax hhting spell checking working with two to four versions of the same file automatiy executing commands on an event settings done specifiy for a type of file expression evaluation, conditional commands Jobs, Channels, inter-process communication hide (fold) ranges of lines printing using Vim as a server or client using different terminals and mice list of available draphs multi-byte text support non-English language support Arabic language support and editing Farsi (Persian) editing Hebrew language support and editing Russian language support and editing ft_Ada (the programming language) support ft_about the SQL filetype plugin Hangul (Korean) input mode rht-to-left editing mode if_using Cscope with Vim if_Lua interface if_Mz Scheme interface if_Perl interface if_Python interface if_Tcl interface if_OLE automation interface for Win32 if_Ruby interface Interface with a debugger Sun Visual Workshop interface Net Beans External Editor interface debugging sns os_390OS/390 Unix os_Ama os_Be OS and Be Box os_MS-DOS and MS-Windows NT/95 common items os_Macintosh os_Atari Mi NT os_MS-DOS (plain DOS and DOS box under Windows) os_os2OS/2 os_QNX os_RISC-OS os_Unix os_VMS os_win32MS-Windows 95/98/NT standard-plugin-list pi_Downloading latest version of Vim scripts pi_Reading and writing compressed files pi_Logical operators on patterns pi_Reading and writing files over a network pi_Hht matching parens pi_Tar file explorer pi_Create a self-installing Vim script pi_Zip archive explorer LOCAL ADDITIONS: local-additions vim_Frequently Asked Questions that tags are within | characters, but when hhting is enabled these characters are hidden. Anyway, you can use CTRL-] on any word, also when it is not within |, and Vim will try to find help for it. VIM QUICK REFERENCE CARD. Basic movement. h l k j. character left, rht, line up, down. b w. word/token left, rht.

A Byte of <em>Vim</em> - Swaroop C H

A Byte of Vim - Swaroop C H They are kept up-to-date automatiy from the Vim source repository. Jump to a subject: Position the cursor on a tag (e.g. With the mouse: ":set mouse=a" to enable the mouse (in xterm or GUI). PDF 1.5MB 3. I'm a long-time vim user, but never managed to get my head. the book shouldn't attempt to rewrite the reference manual.

Vi Quick <strong>Reference</strong>

Vi Quick Reference This will be the first of a four-part (possibly longer) series covering how to use Vim and where to start using the world's best text editor. VI Quick Reference -- Basic Commands. 10/7/98. Notations and Conventions. Commands you type are in fixed font. Italics = substitute desired value.

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