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EK-LA100-IP-002 Illustrated Parts Breakdown LA100 Letterwriter. Command Options Affects the size of the window on the page. This manual identities each assembly being broken down. fure reference. in this column indicates a Dital part number was not assned at the time of. 1 *PRINTER MECHANISM/COVER ASSEMBLY 70-17884-00 A 3. *PRINTER.

Letterwriter 100 Installation Guide - Bitsavers If no file argument is given, the standard input is used. The material in this manual is for informational purposes and is. The following are trademarks of Dital Equipment. recommends -using the printer stand.

LA100-Series Programmer Reference Manual The Post Script, LN03, and HP printers are able to translate each bit in a window pixel map into a grid of a specified size. When the LA100 receives a control character the terminal responds by. Printer Character Set Desnation -- The character sets are usually language sets with. Note that the vertical pitch feature is different from previous DITAL terminals.

Dec terminal la100 EK-LW100-OP-001 Letterwriter 100. Output is to standard output unless -output is specified. Dec terminal la100 EK-LW100-OP-001 Letterwriter 100. ORG Documents Library Dital Equipment Corporation. dec terminal la100 EK-LA100-RM-001 LA-100 Series Programmer Reference Manual Jan82. Jan 7. dec printer ln03 EK-OLN03-RM-002 LN03 Programmers Manual Nov85.

XDPR1 manual page - X. Org Options allow the user to add headers and trailers, specify margins, adjust the scale and orientation, and append multiple window dumps to a single output file. Xdpr - dump an X window directly to a printer. la100 Dital LA100; ljet HP LaserJet series and other monochrome PCL devices such as ThinkJet, QuietJet.

Xpr1 print X window dump - Linux man page - Linux Die - xpr [ -device devtype ] [ -scale scale ] [ -heht inches ] [ -width inches ] [ -left inches ] [ -top inches ] [ -header string ] [ -trailer string ] [ -landscape ] [ -portrait ] [ -plane number ] [ -gray ] [ -rv ] [ -compact ] [ -output filename ] [ -append filename ] [ -noff ] [ -split n ] [ -psf ] [ -density dpi ] [ -cutoff level ] [ -noposition ] [ -gamma correction ] [ -render algorithm ] [ -slide ] [ filename ] xpr takes as input a window dump file produced by xwd(1) and formats it for output on Post Script printers, the Dital LN03 or LA100, the IBM PP3812 page printer, the HP Laser Jet (or other PCL printers), or the HP Paint Jet. Formats it for output on PostScript printers, the Dital LN03 or LA100, the IBM. the operator's manual to determine the correct value for the specific printer.

EK-<em>LA100</em>-IP-002 Illustrated Parts Breakdown <em>LA100</em> Letterwriter.
Letterwriter 100 Installation Guide - Bitsavers
<strong>LA100</strong>-Series Programmer Reference <strong>Manual</strong>
Dec terminal <i>la100</i> EK-LW100-OP-001 Letterwriter 100.

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