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Keyboard Yamaha PSS-460 / PSS-470 - The FM synthesis is particularly well suited to simulate brass wind instruments, picked strings and metal percussion, but it can also make great electronic organ sounds and lots of freaky bass synth noises. Keyboard Yamaha PSS-460 / PSS-470. Manual Drums – It may only have 5 drum sounds, but at least you can play them manually, which is great for recording.

Manual (nice FM synthesizer with realtime sliders) This is definitely one of the most exciting Yamaha Porta Sound keyboards, because this instrument from 1990 features an FM synthesizer that is controlled in a very simplified way through 7 sliders. Owner's Guide. Spielanleitung. Mode d'emploi. Manual del Propietario. YAMAHA. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10.

YAMAHA PORTASOUND PSS-470 OWNER'S Any of the built-in 100 preset sounds ("voices") can be modified by them, and also 2 sounds can be layered (one of them optionally modified) by the "dual voice" feature to create thicker sounds or a chorus effect. View and Download Yamaha PortaSound PSS-470 owner's manual online. Yamaha PSS-470 User Guide. PortaSound PSS-470 Electronic Keyboard pdf.

Yamaha PSS-470 - Specifications, pictures, This keyboard was first released in 1989 as Yamaha PSS-380 with slhtly different case colours (boring black buttons). Also on this page links to other resources for the Yamaha PSS-470. PSS-470 At a Glance. manual for pss470 manual search for all yamaha products.

Yamaha PSS-470 MIDI Retrofit Guide - Hy Although the 7 sliders provide not remotely full control over all parameters of the FM synthesis process, they permit to create a great variety of interesting sounds, including bizarre and harsy distorted tekkno ones, because the remaining parameters are taken from the preset sound that is used as a template, and the sounds can be easily tweaked in almost realtime. Yamaha PSS-470 MIDI Retrofit Guide UMR2. is compatible with this keyboard. Could you post the installation instructions for this please?

Yamaha PSS-390 Despite the FM sound generator of this keyboard seems to be y extremely similar like the one of the Fujitone 6A, the preset sounds are very different. Yamaha PSS-390 nice FM synthesizer with realtime sliders. I also downloaded manuals of other MIDI PortaSounds with FM synthesizer, and they all. the PSS-460/ PSS-470; there also was a smaller mono version PSS-360/ PSS-370.

Yamaha - Analog Synths, Combo Organs, Theremins, Vintage Keys. While my 6A has very warm, but rather unnatural programmed timbres, the presets of the PSS-390 sound much more natural, but also colder (likely because a hher modulation level was used to create more overtones but less bass). Yamaha 215U-I, 215U-TR Electone Organ Service Manual. Excellent Condition Yamaha. Yamaha PSS-470 / PSS-480 Service Manual. Excellent Condition.

Yamaha Audio PSS-470 user manual Yamaha Audio - Electronic Keyboards PortaTone - PortaSound. Owner's Manual Image, Download PSS-470 pdf user manual.

Yamaha PSS-470 Keyboard - YouTube Me showing you some Sounds, Rhythms, Dital Synthesizer and Custom Drummer features on this Yamaha PSS-470 Keyboard. Enjoy!

Yamaha PortaSound PSS-470 Vintage The PSS-470 was released by Yamaha in 1987, and was clearly aimed at. a section ed "Dital Synthesizer" which is essentially a manual editing mode.

Keyboard <strong>Yamaha</strong> <strong>PSS</strong>-460 / <strong>PSS</strong>-<strong>470</strong> - The
<strong>YAMAHA</strong> PORTASOUND <strong>PSS</strong>-<strong>470</strong> OWNER'S

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