Zenit 12s photosniper manual

Zenit Photo Sniper 12s Soviet SLR With Tair-3s 1983 in. - Guree Cameras using this labeling appear fairly often on e Bay. Classic Motorised Compact 35mm Film Camera with Carry Strap / Case / Manual. Zenit Photo Sniper 12s Soviet SLR With Tair-3s 1983.

Krasnogorsk Price Guide estimate a camera value - CollectiBlend Battery: none The camera had bayonet mount, but was sold with rings that allow to mount M39 or M42 lens. ) Two models have been made: one with F and X sync contacts and self timer; another one without self timer and only X-sync contact. Same as Zenit 10 but with automatic diaphragm Similar to Zenit 10/11. Cosmorex SE Zenit EM, 1972-1984, Photo Collection Manual. Drug, 1960-1962. FS-12 FotoSniper Rifle, 1982-1990, Photo Collection Comments. FS-12-3.

Zenith 12 free instruction manual, user (also Kalimar SR-200, Revueflex-E, Kalimar SR-300, Delta 1, Spiraflex, Phokina, Phokina XE, Prinzflex 500E, Meprozenit-E (Japan)) Fixed pentaprism Shutter: 1/30-1/500, B (cloth, horizontal) Flash: switchable X/F sync, hot shoe, sync at 1/30 Metering: uncoupled selenium meter Finder: Fixed pentaprism with ground glass screen. There were models with auto and non-auto diaphragm. (also Zenit 12XP - export version and Zenit 15 from Bel OMO. Zenith 12. The next page contains information on this camera. If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the full manual. The next page also.

Zenit Photosniper Manual The Zenit EM was also sold under the label "Revueflex EM" according to )) Flash: standard X synch at 1/125, no hot shoe Metering: none Finder: Fixed pentaprism with microprism spot and ground glass collar in Fresnel screen. Similar to Zenit E but larger mirror, non rotated shutter speed dial, tripod socket at the center. Zenit Photosniper Manual Image 1 of 32. First Previous Back to Thumbnails Next Last. JPEG Image 800 x 585 pixels. First Previous Back to Thumbnails Next.

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