Radioshack pro 70 manual

RadioShack PRO-91 150-Channel Handheld. - PDF Text Files It has an easy-to-use search scan feature (as do the other RS's of this vintage). Alrht, it doesn't have a tuning knob, nor does it have it programmable steps (I prefer 15 k Hz steps for VHF-Hh), but then again its a Radio Shack scanner. I recommend this unit very hy, for general VHF/UHF monitoring & scanning. Your RadioShack PRO-91 150-Channel Handheld. Trunking Scanner. Manual Access — lets you directly access any channel. 70-cm Ham Band. 450–470.

RadioShack 50 Channels Radio Scanners eBay I think I paid about for it, and considered it a bargain at the time. Radio Shack Pro 70 50 CHANNEL MODEL NO 20-310 Handheld. Radio Shack Programmable Scanner Pro 2014 50 channel With Owners Manual.

PRO 70 Garmin I absolutely love Radio Shack scanners of this vintage (e.g. The Pro-2030 is incredibly sensitive with no sns of overload or intermod. that I can't using the same external antenna on my Yaesu & AOR scanners. Pro 70 can expand to train up to 6 dogs additional dog devices required and features remote-operated LED beacon lhts on the dog device for low lht.

PRO-94- The display is kind of narrow, but is sufficiently lit - in orange. I first bought one of these when they were on closeout at Radio Shack. RadioShack®. erviceMaimma. PRO-94. 1000-CHANNEL HANDHELD. 420 to 450 MHz 70-cm amateur band. Tht squelch MANUAL S+N/N f. VHF low.

Owner's Manual It was my first real scanner, and let me listen in to all the local Police and Fire action. Owner's Manual. Cat. No. Your new RadioShack PRO-79 200 Channel VHF/Air/UHF. Handheld. 380–512. UHF Aircraft, Federal Government, 70-cm Ham.

PRO-2055 1,000 Channel Triple Trunking Mobile/Base Scanner I regretted selling it almost immediately, but then got busy learning about trunking, and how to run the Uniden. User's guide • quick start guide • preloaded data addendum. Thank you for purchasing your PRO-2055 triple trunking scanner from RadioShack. You can mount. 70. 156.5250. 71. 156.5750. 72. 156.6250. 73. 156.6750. 74. 156.7250. 77.

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