Centronics parallel manual switch

TSP400 Programmer's Manual To give a fair background, HP made mainly 2 different types of parallel printer ports. Programmer's Manual. 10.a memory switch that enables a wide selection of printer default settings. Conforms with Centronics parallel interface standard.

GC420t User Guide - Zebra Technologies From testing, it’s doesn’t appear to be any faster then a standard parallel cable or offer any other benefits besides HP selling their special cables. This manual contains proprietary information of Zebra Technologies Corporation and its. and desns are subject to change without notice. and a Centronics printer on the other end IEEE 1284 A-B parallel interface.

Parallel port - pedia The first is typiy ed a mini-centronics (Small C-type connector – HP p/n C2946A) connector. I’m not sure as to why HP decided to use this form of connection because no other printer company used it, and HP continued to incorporate this type of connection up to the newer HP Color Laser Jet 4600 series. A parallel port is a type of interface found on computers personal and otherwise for. The Centronics Model 101 printer, featuring this connector, was released in 1970. Some printer models may have a switch or setting to set busy by character; others may. 256; ^ Jump up to Centronics model 306 cal Manual.

TSP400 Programmer's <em>Manual</em>
GC420t User Guide - Zebra Technologies
<i>Parallel</i> port - pedia

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