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Policy Manual - Ethics Code and Conflict of Interest - University of. Philip's College Back to Top B.1.1 Board Legal Status (Policy) B.2.1 Organizational Plan (Policy) B.3.1 Board Elections, Vacancies, and Removal From Office (Policy) B.3.2 Board Member Training (Policy) B.3.3 Board of Trustees Ethics (Policy) B.3.4 Board Member Reimbursement and Expenses (Policy) B.3.5 Board Members: Conventions, Conferences, Workshops and Events (Policy) B.4.1 Board Officers (Policy) B.5.1 Board Responsibilities (Policy) B.5.2 Board Member Authority (Policy) B.5.3 Board Policies (Policy) B.5.4 Contractual Authority (Policy) B.5.5 Sponsorship or Endorsement of Public Events (Policy) B.6.1 Board Committees (Policy) B.7.1 Tax Officials (Policy) B.7.2 Legal Representation (Policy) B.8.1 Board Meetings (Policy) B.9.1 Educational Philosophy - The Alamo Way: Always Inspire, Always Improve (Policy) B.10.1 Environmental Sustainability (Policy) B.10.1.1 Environmental Sustainability (Procedure) B.10.2 Summer Four-Day Work Week (Policy) B.11.1 Student Trustee (Policy) B.11.1.1 Student Trustee (Procedure) Back to Top C.1.1 Financial Ethics and Accountability (Policy) C.1.1.1 Financial Ethics and Accountability (Procedure) C.1.2 Audit Services (Policy) C.1.2.1 Internal Audit Protocol (Procedure) C.1.3 Appropriations and Revenue Sources (Policy) C.1.3.1 Donations and Grants from Private Sources (Procedure) C.1.3.2 Sale of Surplus College District Real Estate (Procedure) C.1.3.3 Facilities Use (Procedure) C.1.3.4 Depository of Funds (Procedure) C.1.3. A Resolution to Continue to Tax Freeport Goods (Exhibit) C.1.3. B Resolution to Tax Tangible Personal Property in Transit (Exhibit) C.1.3.3. A Facilities Rental Fee Exception (Exhibit) C.1.4 Budget (Policy) C.1.4.1 Annual Operating Budget (Procedure) C.1.5 Purchasing and Acquisitions (Policy) C.1.5.1 Purchasing Authority (Procedure) C.1.5.2 Small, Minority, and Women Owned Business Enterprise Program (Procedure) C.1.5.3 Procurement Card Purchases (Procedure) C.1.6 Enterprise Risk Management (Policy) C.1.6.1 Liability Insurance: Employees (Procedure) C.1.6.2 Workers' Compensation (Procedure) C.1.6.3 Safety Program: Responsibilities (Procedure) C.1.6.4 Transportation Management (Procedure) C.1.6.5 Left Blank Intentionally C.1.7 Investments (Policy) C.1.7. Policy ManualEthics Code and Conflict of Interest. GOVERNANCE AND LEGAL AFFAIRS Section 206 Board of Trustees – Ethics Code and Conflict of Interest.

Business Ethics Policy F Texas Public Funds Investment Act Certification by Dealer (Form) C.1.8 Intellectual Property (Policy) C.1.8.1 Intellectual Property (Procedure) C.1.9 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (Policy) C.1.9.1 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (Procedure) C.1.10 Tax Abatements and Tax Increment Financing (Policy) C.1.10. Business Ethics Policy. Version number. 5.0. Document type. Policy. Version date. 01 July 2015. Finance Manual. Employees must not materially mis-state or.

FedEx - FedEx - Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policies and Procedures: A.1.1 Legal Name and College Organizational Units (Policy) A.1.2 Geographic Boundaries and Service Area (Policy) A.1.3 College District Vision, Mission, Values and Goals (Policy) A.1.3.a College Mission Statement: Northeast Lakeview College A.1.3.b College Mission Statement: Northwest Vista College A.1.3.c College Mission Statement: Palo Alto College A.1.3.d College Mission Statement: San Antonio College A.1.3.e College Mission Statement: St. Since the Code cannot cover every situation it's important that you also read other FedEx policies, manuals and handbooks in conjunction with this Code.

Business code of conduct and ethics - The Home Depot Ex Contract Cover Memo (Exhibit) C.2.11.2 Contract Sning Authority (Procedure) C.2.11.3 Dital Snatures (Procedure) C.2.12 Emergency Management (Policy) Emergency Operations Plan C.2.13 Smoking Education Program (Policy) C.3.1 Debt Management (Policy) C.3.1.1 Debt Management: Post Issuance Compliance (Procedure) C.3.1.2 Debt Management Post Pricing s with Syndicate Members (Procedure) Back to Top D.1.1 Compliance with Policies and Procedures (Policy) D.2.1 Left Blank Intentionally D.2.1.1 Left Blank Intentionally D.2.2 Hiring Practices (Policy) D.2.2.1 Hiring Practices (Procedure) D.2.3 Qualifications for Hire (Policy) D.2.3.1 Criminal History Background Checks and Drug Testing (Procedure) D.2.3.2 Faculty and Department Chair Positions (Procedure) D.2.3.3 Faculty Members' Use of English (Procedure) D.2.3.4 Pre-Employment Screening for Controlled Substances (Procedure) D.2.4 Nepotism, Conflicts of Interest (Policy) D.2.4.1 Nepotism (Procedure) D.2.4.2 Conflicts of Interest (Procedure) D.2.4.2. Ex Notice and Information on Illegal Drugs and Steroids (Exhibit) F.4.6 Academic Grievances (Policy) F.4.7 Non-Academic Grievances (Policy) F.4.7.1 Non-Academic Grievances (Procedure) F.5.1 Registered Student Organizations (Policy) F.5.2 Student Contests and Competitions (Policy) F.5.3 Student Fund Raising (Policy) F.5.4 Student Publications and Sns (Policy) F.6.1 Student Success (Policy) F.6.1.1 Student Success: Admissions and Registration (Procedure) F.6.1.2 Student Success: Preparation for Entering College (Procedure) F.6.1.3 Student Success: Selection of a Certificate/Degree Plan (Procedure) F.6.1.4 Student Success: College Preparatory Requirements (Procedure) F.6.1.5 Student Success: Comprehensive Monitoring/Advising System (Procedure) F.6.1.6 Student Success: ALAMOCash Card and Student Refunds (Procedure) F.6.2 Student Responsibility for Success (Policy) F.6.3 Mandatory New Student Orientation (Policy) F.6.4 Automatic Awarding of Credentials (Policy) F.7.1 Student Email Account The Official Electronic Mode of Communication (Policy) Back to Top G.1.1 Public Information (Policy) G.1.1.1 Requests for Information (Procedure) G.1.1.2 Guidelines for Public Information Request Charges (Procedure) G.1.2 Public Complaints and Hearings (Policy) G.1.2.1 Public Complaints and Hearings (Procedure) G.1.3 Advertising and Fund Raising (Policy) G.1.4 Use of and Access to College District Facilities (Policy) G.1.4.1 Use of and Access to College District Facilities (Procedure) G.1.4.2 Conduct on College District Property (Procedure) G.1.4.3 Ejection and Exclusion of Persons (other than students and employees) from Campus (Procedure) G.1.4.4 Use of Alcohol at District Facilities (Procedure) G.2.1 Cooperative Educational Relationships (Policy) G.2.2 Access to Programs, Services and Activities (Policy) H.1.1 Equal Education and Employment Opportunities (Policy) H.1.1 Attachment-A Title IX/VII/ADA/504 Coordinator Organization H.1.2 Civil Rhts Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (Policy) H.1.2.1 Civil Rhts Complaint and Resolution (Procedure) H.1.2.1 Civil Rhts Complaint (Diagram) H.1.2.2 Civil Rhts Complaint Appeal (Procedure) H.1.2.2 Civil Rhts Appeal (Diagram) H.1.2.3 Procedure Bully Free Workplace and Campuses (Procedure) This manual includes POLICIES adopted by the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees, PROCEDURES approved by the Chancellor, and EXHIBITS and FORMS (illustrative charts, forms, definitions, and other supplemental material). Corporate Compliance Policies and Standard Operating Procedures. This Business Code of Conduct and Ethics the Code is intended to provide you. Company policies, manuals, guidelines, procedures and SOPs; computer software;.

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