Samsung ssg-3300gr user manual

Kevin Mendes - Dital Marketer Tried several movies and even did everything the glasses state to do with troubleshooting.

Nouveau Kindle Fire HDX The picture is 3D it's just that the glasses won't turn on and sync to the tv. ed Samsung and spent almost 45 minutes with them,although nice they don't know sh*t.

Samsung Kies Download - 2017 download – 100% Gratuit! I've tried syncing the glasses close to the tv and other distances several times, and all they do is flash red,green,red,green and then shut off. I did what you said, I actually unplugged the PS3, Shut off all cell phones and anything else electronic wise.

Pièces détachées Samsung I'm using the Samsung 3D glasses SSG-3100GB Thinking it mht be low batteries I opened up a new pair of glasses I had stored away put the new battery in and that pair won't sync either.

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