Clavia nord electro 3 hp manual

User Forum - Downloads - Electro 3 HP There is an effect section that emulates popular "stomp box" effect pedals from the '70s and amplifiers including the famous Leslie rotary speaker cabinet. Unlike the Clavia Stage, earlier models could only play one instrument at a time, although a second keyboard could be attached via MIDI as an additional organ manual. This 'unofficial' Forum is dedicated to the Clavia Keyboards, including the. Electro 3 HP Manual ITA. Electro 5 Manual ITA.

Electro 3 Keyboards The sample libraries are exchangeable, and Clavia has made several samples libraries available for free for Electro owners. The orinal Electro 3 is available in two different sizes, 61 and 73-key. The Electro 3 HP has all the features of the orinal Electro 3 but sports a new 73-key. Connect a second MIDI keyboard to the Electro 3, to use the organ split functionality, but in a true, dual manual setup. Copyrht © 2016 Clavia DMI AB.

Electro 3 split and layer samples, - YouTube The second section is a dital emulation of electronic organs. Electro 3 split and layer Samples, before I bought my I wanted a video to see if this could be done, but could not find one any where.

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 <em>Electro</em> 3 split and layer samples, - YouTube

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