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Kicker IX2302 user manual - @ 12 5V, 40 bridged mono, 2 5Hx9 SWX-1 all channek driven all channels drlven 0 2% THD IX2302 230x2 360x2 720 189 130x2 200x2 400 138 IX1302 IX702 70x2 105x2 210 98 IX402 40x2 60x2 120 78 IX252 2sx2 30x2 60 63 Dvnamlc Power (wattr/channell Dvnamic Power Iwatt Uchannell Dvnamlc Power (watts) mmenrlonr (mm) 65Hx241Wx-L @ 14 4V, 40 St Stillwater Desns warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of three (3) years from date of orinal purchase when installed by an Authorized KICKER Dealer or one (1) year from date of orinal purchase If not installed by an Authorized KICKER Dealer If this product is labeled ‘6 Stock it is warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase regardless of place of installation Should service be necessary under this warranty for any Outside the USA, please complete and mail to NO POSTAGE your country’s National KICKER Distributor. Kicker IX2302 user manual. the output RCA jacks on your Kicker Impulse amplifier will provide a low. 210 98 IX402 40x2 60x2 120 78 IX252 2sx2.

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Kicker Impulse IX252 Manuals & User Guides NECESSARY You can get this address from the retail store Ill Ill where you purchased your KICKER products. 112 STILLWATER OK POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE M KICKER U. Full List of User Manuals, Installation Manuals and Specifications for your Kicker Impulse IX252. Kicker Impulse IX1302 User Manual 8 pages Brand Kicker.

You have just purchased one of the latest in a long line of exceptional car audio power amplifiers from Stillwater Desns. Created Date 4/13/2004 PM

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KICKER IMPULSE IX254 USER MANUAL Pdf S.2 STILLWATER DESNS P 0 BOX 459 STILL WATER OK 74076-9907 Il...l. View and Download Kicker Impulse IX254 user manual online. Kicker Impulse IX254 User Guide. Impulse IX254 Car Amplifier pdf manual download.

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KICKER IX252 MANUAL - Retrevo Warranty Registration: return for w Serlal Number (381Model . Free download of Kicker Impulse IX252 User Manual. Troubleshooting help from experts and users. Ask our large community for support.

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Product Manuals KICKER® MKICKER, 1X252, 1X402, 1X702, 1X1302, IX2302 Stereo Power Amplifier Congratulations! Find the rht manual for your Kicker system. Easily find and download a pdf of the full product manual that you are looking for.

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KICKER IMPULSE IX1302 USER MANUAL Pdf Your KICKER impulse was desned and engineered by the same team which created many other international award winning KICKER components like the Z/? It contains a number of cutting-edge features to give you outstanding performance and dependability when inst Wiring the Kl CKER Impulse Amplifier The preferred method of bringing input snal in to the amplifier is with RCA cables from a quality tape or CD player A hh (speaker) level input snal may also be used if your factory deck or aftermarket source does not have low level RCA jacks Regardless of which input is used the output RCA jacks on your Kicker Impulse amplifier will provide a low level snal for multiple amplifier confurations Some of the system possibilities are shown in the Sy Basic Systems for the IMPULSE Two-Channel Amplifier Stereo Two Channel FULL RANGE SPEAKERS 2Q MIN/ ‘CHANNEL INTERNAL CROSSOVER TURNED OFF RCA OUT - RCA IN - Stereo/Mono Hookup using IMPULSE X21ooi Two-Way Subwoofer Crossover FULL RANGE SPEAKERS 4R MIN/CHANNEL INTERNAL CROSSOVER TURNED OFF RCA OUT RCA IN *CAPACITORS *These components are included in the fmpufse X21001 subwoofer crossover-available separately Bi-Amp System for the IMPULSE Two-Channel Amplifiers SATELLITE SPEAKERS 2Q MN/CHANNEL INTERNAL CROSSOVER SET TO HP, 70 or 110 HZ SUBWOOFER 4Q MINIMUM RCA IN INTERNAL CROSSOVER SET TO LP, 70 or 110 Hz Adjustments and Controls Setting Gain Control The gain control is provided for level matching purposes The control does not give the amplifier any more power by turning it up Its purpose is to adjust the sensitivity of the amplifier in relation to the output level provided by the source Start with the amp gain set to minimum by turning the control counter- clockwise Turn the source level up until distortion is barely audible Then turn it down slhtly This will typiy be at about 85% t Troubleshooting The LED mounted on the end panel of the amplifier lhts up in two different colors depending on the condition of the amplifier Green indicates that the amplifier is turned on and no trouble exists When it turns red this indicates that the protection circuit has been engaged The LED on the top of the amplifier chassis indicates that the amplifier is on When the protection circuit is engaged, this LED turns off Green power indicator off, no output: l With Volt Ohm Meter (V RMS Power (wetts/chanoel) RMS Power Iwatk/channel) RMS Power (watts) mmenslons (Inches) Model @ 12 5V, 453 stereo, 0 005% THD, @ 12 5V, 2B stereo,0 2% THD. View and Download Kicker Impulse IX1302 user manual online. Kicker Impulse IX1302 User Guide. Impulse IX1302 Car Amplifier pdf manual download.

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Kicker impulse eBay Find great deals on eBay for kicker impulse and kicker old school. Shop with confidence.

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Download free pdf for Kicker Impulse IX252 Kicker Impulse IX252 Car Amplifier manual free download. username password or register. Home; Brands; Categories; Upload manual; Request manual; Manual for.

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