Laserjet 5si mx manual

HP LaserJet 5Si and 8000 Series maintenance kit 2 Open the top cover of the pri nter and remove the toner cartridge. Clean spilled toner with a cloth slhtly dampened in cold water. For use in the HP LaserJet 5Si, 5SiNX, 5SiMX, 8000, 8000N, 8000DN. standard kit with the addition of the manual feed tray pickup roller and separation pad.

Printers for sale - iOffer ^ TT "CT Printer Space Requirements 1 Top view 2 Side view Environmental Requirements Keep the printer within the foil owing environmental conditions for optimum performance. Category Printers. HP LaserJet 5Si/5SiMX/5SiNX/HM Manual Manuals service. .98. HP LaserJet 3100/3150 Printer Manual Manuals repair. .98. 3160.

HP LaserJet Series Printers - Repetitive Image Defects [Items] Cycles through the items on the selected menu. Use the brush supplied with the printer to remove residue from tht areas. Note Cleaning Spilled Toner Defective toner cartridges can develop leaks. As instructed by the appropriate User's Manual.

PCL 5 Comparison Guide - ENWW CO oo C° Maintenance and Adjustments 4-3 4 rr --^ Cleaning the Printer 1 Be Foreyou begin thesesteps, turn the printer OFF and unplug all cords. 4-4 Maintenance and Adjustments Table 4-1 Cleaning the Printer Component Cleaning Method/Notes Outside Covers Use a water-dampened cloth. Paper Pickup, Feed, and Retard Rollers Use a water-dampened lint-free cloth. The pages that print immediately after the jam may pick up this toner. HP Color LaserJet 4500 series. HP Color. LaserJet 5Si, 5SiMx. November 1995. ○. The PCL 5 Printer Language cal Reference Manual part number.

Cal Reference - Lexmark Printer and Toner Cartridge Environmental Conditions Item Operating Storage Temperature 10°to32.5°C (50 ° to 90.5° F) 0°to40°C (32°to105°F) Humidity 20 to 80% RH (with no condensation) 15 to 90% RH (with no condensation) 2-4 Site Requirements Operating Overview Chapter Contents Using the Control Panel 3-3 Control Panel Layout 3-3 Indicator Lhts 3-4 Settings and Defaults 3-5 Printer Driver Information 3-5 Paper Source Default 3-5 Restoring Factory Defaults 3-6 Setting the Display Language 3-6 Heavy Media F user Mode Explanation 3-8 Setti ng the F user Mode Using PJ L Command 3-9 Control Panel Menus 3-10 Tray Menu 3-12 J ob Control Menu 3-13 Test Menu 3-14 Confuration Menu 3-15 Print Quality Menu 3-17 Post Script Menu 3-17 PCL Menu 3-18 I/O Menu 3-19 MIO land 2 Menus 3-20 Service Mode 3-21 Setting Page Count, Maintenance Count, and Serial Number 3-23 Setting the Cold Reset Default Paper Size 3-24 Power Save 3-24 Testing the Printer 3-25 PCL Confuration Page 3-25 Paper Path Test 3-25 Cold Reset 3-30 Operating Overview 3-1 3-2 Operating Overview Using the Control Panel Fure 3-1 Table 3-1 Control Panel Layout The control panel consists of a 2-line, 20-character per line display panel, five keys, and three indicator lhts. Additional setup and instructions for using the printer. compatible with HP LaserJet 5Si/5SiMx but is 8 pels wider than the Lexmark 4039.

Service Manuals - Printer Parts Exchange Some menu items appear depending upon the options installed and the confuration of other menu choices. [Select] Selects a desired menu item; an asterisk (*) indicates the selected item. Replace the toner cartridge, close the printer, reconnect all cables, and switch the printer ON. Remove all dust, spilled toner, and paper particles. Also, after a paper jam has occurred, there may be some toner remaining on the rollers and guides inside the printer. Hewlett Packard. HP Color LaserJet 1500 2500 Service Manual · HP Color LaserJet. LaserJet 5si Series · LaserJet 8000 Series. Brother MX-2001/2002/2003.

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